Parlee Z1 Ghost in Gloss

Some people really like the stealth of Parlee’s etched logos on naked carbon but loved the depth of the gloss finish. They want their cake and eat it too – well now you can.

Happy birthday to owner Steve – finished build photos to follow.

Parlee custom frames

The Parlee personal builds keep rolling in. While some recent deliveries have featured “naked” carbon finishes, these two present variations on Parlee’s renowned gloss black look.

The Z1 is a subtle variation on the “stealth” theme featuring barely discernable Ghost logos that come and go with the light and viewing angle.

The Z3′s owner chose the new “Race” decals in a strong white keyline and had a clear vision as to “what goes where”. The combination of logo and tube size is striking in the flesh.

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Parlee Bloom

We had a call asking what we were referring to in the previous post regarding the “bloom” on the frame. So we took some shots to further demonstrate how the frame changes with the light.

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Parlee Z1 in candy blue

This bike is perhaps the best example of the chameleon nature of the combination of Parlee’s outstanding depth of paint and the “bloom” that is a characteristic of the unidirectional carbon tubes.

Changes in light and or line of sight totally change the charactersitics of the frame from blue/black to electric blue – or both at once!

The build features Super Record which has received a “colouring” ,identical to the frame, straight over the standard logos, EDGE Composites 45 Clinchers built around white Tune hubs (decals will possibly revert to original white) , Edge bar/stem/post and dark blue POP skewers.

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Andy, Parlee and friend

From somewhere in France our intrepid Z5 reporter Andy “the Gent” parked his bike and one of the local’s complexion changed at the sight of the Parlee.

Does he have the legs to ride one?

Andy’s Parlee Z5 does France

Our erstwhile “Bitsa” pilot has been testing both himself and his Z5 in the Alpes so far Glandon, Croix de Fer and Lauteret have provided the challenge and shortly it will be the Pyrenees. Andrew’s comments are summarised as “climbs great – descends even better!”.

Parlee Z1 – Candy of another kind!

While our red candy tint Z1 has been evolving, a blue version was delivered on thursday featuring a mixture of Parlee’s “Race” and “Classic” decal styles in white.

Again the iPhone was pressed into service to let the owner know it had arrived. Higher res. shots will follow the build (perhaps even in focus!).

The Super Record groupset is off having some detail matched to the frame. The build will include Edge Composites 45 Clinchers, bar/stem and post and blue and white will of course be a continuing theme.

Wheel Projects

We have been moving the Candy Red Parlee Z1 and IF SSR projects forward with a little colour as these iPhone snaps show.

The Parlee rims are woven carbon finish 2.45 tubulars with silver EDGE keyline decals. The same weave as the downtube, chainstays and frame join “wraps”. In choosing hubs and spokes we think we will try something new.

The IF “Purple People Eater” again has keyline decals in violet that don’t dominate the build.

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Parlee have moved!

New digs for Bob, Isabel, Tom and the team and they will soon give the world a view of the new Parlee HQ. In the meantime here is a tour of the old operation put together by Get-a-grip Cycles.

Parlee Z5 Review from the US

Speedgoat Cycles have reviewed the Parlee Z5 below (nice post and rail!)

You can read the complete review here

Ian’s Custom Parlee Z3

“I love the bike and want to make it my own”. Thus it started and the design presented by Ian has been delivered and he is delighted – the finished build will be his by the weekend.

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Bitsa goes to EuroDisney!?

Well first Vietnam, then the homeland (USA) and now Parlee rider Andy is taking le Bitsa to Europe for a month of frivolity. He says pain and suffering and I tell him that is just french for bread.

He has requested some more appropriate bartape which will end up 3 inches thick as tricoleur tri wrap..but we shall see.

Andy has sworn the oath to accelerate the decoration of the frame and to shamelessly blog where none have taken Bitsa before….

A finishing touch to PARLEE Z1

Finally, we have been able to complete the orange Z1 with matching seatpost – just right!

Classic Parlee Z1 update

To demonstrate that simple attention to detail can give you a “new” bike, your bike!

We decided to “freshen” the test Z1 look..but not radically, continuing with a conservative look, reverting to Campag carbon for the cranks, levers and rear derailleur. We also added full carbon brakes and treated the whole lot to a “colour rinse” to match the frame.

It is almost finished and we thought we would share the progress as it evolves..

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PARLEE fixed gear racer

Kacey Manderfield, multi-time U.S. national champion, will ride the Minnesota Fixed Gear Classic,this weekend on her PARLEE track bike. This will be her first Professional ride for her new UCI Track Trade Team – Cycle Loft.

In January, she placed 6th over-all at her first Pro Six Day at Rotterdam, Holland and then signed a two year deal with Cycle Loft / Parlee. Team owner Jeff Palter was extremely excited to have Kacey on board. “She’s a great athlete, but she’s also a great ambassador to our sport. “


Another Z5 variation hits the road

While the stock Z5 design has been gathering fans at a pace, the custom option is always there and a popular choice.

The build consists of SRAM Force, FSA KForce and Topolino CTR 2.0 wheels – 6.48kg without pedals. True value and performance.

Paul chose the Parlee “Cyclocross” design of white bands and “carbon through” logos. He collected the bike on Saturday and despite the rain showers his initial comment are:

“Only 70km down so far but the bike feels great and it certainly bounds up the hills. … The wheels feel fast and smooth and they certainly soak up the bumps well.”

We will see how the relationship develops.

Parlee ENVY revealed

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Green it is! Based on a Parlee Z4 frameset and defined by the paint of SunGraphics and the leather work of Busyman with support from EDGE Composites and SRAM the end result is spectacular and photos struggle to reflect the subtlety of the detail.

ENVY is now for sale (the price may surprise you!) contact us to discuss this and other current and upcoming custom projects.

Parlee Z5 Campag build

In response to the numerous enquiries we have had we have put together a build kit for the Z5 using Campagnolo Athena Carbon 11 speed, Deda and Fulcrum components as an alternative to our already popular SRAM builds.

The photos below show the kit built onto a Z5 with a “stealth” finish. Complete Campagnolo builds start at $8500.

Tough decisions on Autumn Parlee

Where to next?

We are now working the elements to finish the project in terms of which components, colours to use and where. Any thoughts?

Here are another couple of shots that show the the detail in the paint and more accurately reflect the richness of the colours employed.

Have a leaf through these.

A few more snaps of the prettiest bike instore…

As the leaves change colour…so do our frames.

Visiting EDGE Composites in Utah and driving to Steamboat Springs last Fall, the strength of colour was stunning. The first photo was taken on an MTB ride at Snow Basin near Ogden UT and the second shot shows the first snow of the year running up to a stand of aspens next to the highway not far from Park City.

These were the inspiration for the Autumn (Fall – poor cycling reference?) frame ensemble. This is another one off custom design following on from the Butterfly and Envy frames.

It is currently instore and for sale as is or as a completed build to order.

Have an inspiration or theme of your own? Give us a call on +61 3 9645 0775.

Z5 hits its straps in RIDE

The current edition of RIDE Cycling Review is out in Australia and features a review of the Parlee Z5.

We offer an unlimited range of build scenarios with complete SRAM Z5′s from just A$7950

The two R’s of cycling say “Read it – Ride it” – call 03 9645 0775 to book a test ride.

Rob Crowe surprised! (confused?)

RideWiser Rob has been riding a set of Topolino CTR 2.0 for about 3 weeks. He has trained on them, raced on them and when I asked how he was finding them his reply was broadly “confusing really, good but confusing”.

When I asked him to explain he said that they went against his accumulated expectations and experience in that they were surprisingly smooth and comfortable and yet they offered high performance. He added that usually you had to comprise one to achieve the other but the Topolino’s delivered both. We’ll get a shot of them on his bike shortly.

This weekend Rob is giving them another test on his Parlee Z3 in the Adelaide Hills covering a lot of the TDU stages.

Book a test ride of your own and form your own view by emailing us at info@cyclingedge

Parlee Factory/Interview

I have recently visited and will return to tomorrow the Parlee factory in Peabody near Boston. I set out to write a summary of the tour but found an excellent professional article covering everything I could write so I have created the following link to it at Parlee Tour.


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