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Kung Fu to tackle Madrid this weekend

A big “hit ‘em hard” to the Parlee Z5 Pilot as the next round of the ITU World Championship is run this weekend.

Fresh from his audition for the latest X Men movie, Kung Fu has been cautioned about removing his protective Oakleys in the interest of the safety of others!

You can watch a live feed of the event at   where we hope that all the Aussies shine.

We have one piece of advice for Kung Fu and that is “Posture under Pressure”  – no not the ‘Daly Watkins School of Deportment” kind – he knows.

Dirty Deeds Debutante

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“Tonight’s the night we’ve waited for…”

At the Brunswick velodrome the first of Dirty Deeds’ CX series will be run. Paul will cruise along in style on this just finished Moots CX for a look see, a quick run and a “bit of a beer”.

The bike is similar to the bike featured in RIDE Cycling Review not quite as strong on “the ultimate” components. We have the PARLEE frame patiently waiting for its new race components and it will appear at the next Round with “The Stig” ready to rock.



PARLEE’s Kung Fu does it tough in the Basque Country

The VIS squad has moved to Vitoria which is their base for the balance of the season. The photo below was in France on his Z5’s maiden Col climb on the Col du Chat and he sent the following update (very Blade Runner in the Oakleys) :

“So I know all of you back home in Melbourne are up your eyeballs in weather conditions suited only to South Pole expedition preparation and outdoor activities with the sole objective of ‘building character’ so I will not complain about the slight diversion of unpleasant weather we are experiencing here in Vitoria today as I have great confidence in better mood (and tan) enhancing times of training before the week is out. So that leaves me with a total grumble inventory of zero….

I’m pleased to report that happy days are upon me at the moment now that I’ve settled into my European training base in the Basque country of northern Spain. Simplicity and progression are key in my current state of bliss, with both in abundance due to the wonderful setup that VIS head coach Jono Hall has established here. In a town that is quite sports mad but also has the relaxed Spanish attitude that makes training more of a leisure interest than a chore, life as a professional athlete takes a two tone existence.

Being able to kick off the day with a swim at 9am rather than 7:00 means there is time to wake up at leisure, have a coffee and then begin to prepare mentally and physically for the work and not feel like you’re stepping from the bedroom, eyes still blurry, and diving straight into the pool. But a 9am swim means only one morning session before lunch!?.. Not in Spain. The midday break in these parts is around 2-4pm meaning decent “PARLEE time” in the beautifully forested hills is easily managed before a feed. A sumptuous meal is then followed unbegrudgingly by siesta (can’t be helped, the place is a ghost town for two hours as everyone vanishes to their well shuttered abodes). As life begins to reignite around 5pm its time for a short coffee and getting head space back into a forward motion. By 6pm I’m running around the endless trails of the Green Belt with Jono in tow on the bike keeping things in check. Soon after, a light dinner of salad and tortilla and attempting to understand the Spanish dubbing (far over embellished in my opinion) over a third rate Hollywood action movie is the end to a productive day.

At present I am convinced this style of living and training is by far the most beneficial, sustainable and rewarding environment in order to achieve the outcome of sporting success.

Time will tell… (until I decide to venture to an arctic pole)

From the Basque country,

Kung Fu”

“Mitch” lives the Dream

Nick Mitchell has “parked” his Parlee Z5 with us and is now back racing in Belgium for MARCO POLO. We wish him the very best and if, like us, you want to follow his exploits, you can find his blog at :

He is shown below charging into Falls to finish this year’s 3 Peaks.

Go Mitch!

Kung Fu officially a Parlee Pilot!

Well I know he got excited and punched it out on the social networks earlier today, but here it is from us. Brendan is now riding in partnership with, and enjoys the direct support of, Parlee Cycles in addition to that from Cycling Edge.

As such he joins Bridie O’Donnell, Rob Crowe and Nick Mitchell.

His new Parlee Z5 is pictured below with his new PARLEE kit and his first ride reaction was predictable. Brendan had been enjoying every minute of riding our custom painted “ENVY”  and “‘BEER” Z4’s (see Maloolaba an Sydney ITU races) and he sat patiently while this bike was built today. He even nodded politely while Paul (proud owner of “The very Limited Z5 SL”) and I told him that he would notice that the new bike was a significant step up.

About an hour after he left the Studio he sent us the following text message:

“I didn’t quite believe you when you said (the Z5) was even better than the Z4. It actually is!! It rides like a dream”.

Note to self: Keep him away from Z1, Z2 and Z3!

The  “bands” and PARLEE logos on the bike cleverly blend green and gold in one and avoid the difficulty of having to match his gleaming new MAVIC shoes! We feel certain (well sort of) that his hair colour will catch up at some stage of the season!

Brendan also enjoys the support of the team from SRAM thanks to Rob Eva and will use our custom built wheels to train (above) and race on this bike and his new PARLEE TT which he will pick up in the US.

Those of sharp eye will note the top tube name detail and there are exciting extensions of this theme brewing which will be carried forward to the custom paint of his TT frameset and “all things Sexton” going forward.

Brendan will fly out on tuesday with the VIS team and head to Scottsdale AZ where they will enjoy the hospitality and support of Paraic McGlynn of and his network of specialists as they overcome jetlag and prepare for Mexico.

Our aim is to arrange for Brendan to pick up some “free” speed later in the year as we work with Paraic and FASTER’s bespoke, cycling specific Windtunnel and associated FIT methodologies and facilities.

Faster will also be able to provide you with a PARLEE to your individual requirements in the very near future.

St Croix here I come!

Arguably Australia’s fastest Age Group Triathlete over 70.3, Jarrod Owen dropped in yesterday to collect his new Parlee Cycles kit and ensure his Parlee TT was correctly matched to his fit data before he flew to the US this morning.

Jarrod will be training in Boulder for a couple of weeks before he hits the carribean for the St Croix Half on May 1. This race features a climb called “The Beast” with a gradient of upto 21% and 27% out of the hairpins which apparently some find quite challenging! (You can see a youtube video by copying and pasting the following into your browser:

We will try to get him some more speed through time with Paraic McGlynn at in Scottsdale AZ while he is there.

He will then travel directly to Ironman China with the aim of qualification for Kona. He commented that he continues to adjust to his new position and his comfort and speed off the bike just continues to improve.

As Joey Trebianni would say “How you doin?”.

Brendan Sexton rides ENVY to 4th in Sydney!

Today Brendan was the fastest Aussie in the Dextro ITU World Championship round in Sydney, missing the podium by just 7 secs in what can best be described as “challenging” conditions. Having ridden the “Beer” z4 at the recent Maloolaba race, today he rode the our “Green with ENVY” themed Parlee Z4.

As can be seen in the above shot, we have placed Brendan in a position on the bike that allows him to be efficient, have lower drag and that also allows him to optimise his run performance off the bike.

His position and posture are an interesting contrast to those around him.

We can apply the same methodologies to help you achieve your potential. Call us make an appointment.

Sexton and Parlee do Mooloolaba!

We thought Brendan would enjoy something different and “individual” to take to this weekend’s ITU round in Queensland and so we put this Parlee Z4 together.

He had literally just lifted the finished bike when we took this shot. His expression after a hit out on the Kew Boulevard was something else altogether!

We wish him well as he takes a great start to the 2011 season into saturday’s race, building on his 2010 US Olympic Distance title.

We do have something a little less conservative planned for Sydney in two weeks!!

Chain Reaction raises $1m+ – James loves his Custom Z3

Chain Reaction raised this extroadinary amount of money for Children’s causes over a 7 day ride from Sydney to Melbourne – the long way!

In this photo Cycling Edge customers James and Bruce (longtime Z4 owner) are front left and right rear respectively. I haven’t yet heard from Bruce but here is James’ summary of his ride.

“Hi Peter
Just wanted to let you know that I rode my Parlee Z3 from Sydney to
Melbourne with the Chain Reaction ride for kids. The ride raised over
$1m this year, with just 42 riders which is fantastic result.
Some 1101kms all up to really get to know the bike. We took the long and
indirect route to Melbourne via Canberra and then the Snowy Mountains.
Day 4 we climbed over 2700m, day 5 we had an 8km constant climb
averaging about 7-8% grade. Day 6 was a long and flat 205kms. Each day
had its challenges!
Never been so comfortable on a bike and if there is ever a chance for
discomfort its back to back long days in the saddle (we averaged about
170kms per day, 7 days in a row). I was really surprised/impressed by
how quick and stable it was on some serious steep descents.
On the humorous side I covered 1100kms with no punctures, in fact I
hadn’t had a puncture on this bike at all, ever, since taking delivery
back in June 2010. Unfortunately all good things come to an end and my
rear starting spitting latex as we pulled up for a final meal on Lygon
Street, before approaching the town hall. Need not worry though, the
tyre sealed and I was able to ride to the finish on about 80psi, so I
didn’t need to call you to pick me up! I have told many people about my
“run flats” but no-one has believed me. They should now….
I am a big convert to tubulars and love my edge wheels.
Photo attached which shows the 2 Parlees in the ride.
Cheers and thanks

Nick Mitchell blitzes 3 Peaks on Parlee Z5

Nick took this Parlee Z5 and Topolino CTR 2.0 wheels for a “stroll” last Sunday. He completed the 230km in Victoria’s Alpine Region in 8 hours 7 minutes…. 41 minutes ahead of the next rider. He sent me the following email yesterday:

” Hey Peter

I thought I would send you a quick email to let you know how the Parlee and my “bike fit” stood up to The 3 Peaks Challenge. 8hrs of riding probably the toughest cyclo sportif in the country gave me a chance to truly evaluate my equipment and position on the bike. Not only did the terrain challenge but the weather pushed ensured a true test.

I felt beautifully balanced, stable, fast and confident on the descents. Normally technical descents were turned treacherous by rain and tested my confidence. Yet I was still able to push hard through corners as my Topolino wheels soaked up any bumps in the apex of each corner and gave great feedback of what the road was doing. The geometry of the bike and my position on it inspires confidence from its stability and balance and allows you to lean through corner after corner as you gain more and more speed.

With 60km to go on a slight false flat I realised how good my legs and body felt. The Z5, Topolino wheels and “fit” had gotten me to that point in a position where my only limiting factor was my power at threshold.

The lack of weight in the bike and wheels meant gradients felt less and my position on the bike allowed me to produce power for longer than an hour on the climbs. 1hr 30min for the final climb and a total time of 8hr 7min for someone who is in no way a climber says a lot.

I thought you might enjoy this feedback. Thank you once again.




Scottsdale is a little surreal. The local planning laws mandate the use of a colour palate consistent with the local natural colours. Buildings are generally non high rise and the 6m or so locals live in very low density, widespread suburbia.

A great place for “shoulder season” training with great support services – more of which in a month or so.

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Cycling’s a numbers game – stick to the numbers !?

They grabbed my attention as soon as I walked through the door of this well known US cycling services facility (to protect the innocent!).

In a sport where we all like to measure and compare every riding second, it immediately raises questions about the expertise of Pro cycling team management and their ability to choose the best team. Team composition becomes obvious…..

Clearly budgets can be slashed, there will be plasticizers in everyone’s meat (once the bags are regurgitated), and as the Iditarod experience shows, there will be no noticeable change in behaviour between competing teams……

The numbers make you think and the bike design challenges within  the UCI rules will be refreshing (well its nearly april 1!)

NAHBS 3 day – I think

The final day was literally a blur – sick as a dog as I was/am.

The nice thing was to see the awards and the group shots are of the various category winners including Shawn Estes of IF for best tig welded frame. There were some great contacts made and deals done or in the making for the next season.

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So its Sacramento Ca on March 3-5, 2012, we’ll be there with a group – Napa Valley’s not too far really is it?

In the meantime its off to Scottsdale Az for briefing/discussions on an exciting “Project X” for Cycling Edge.


A simply amazing array of sights, people and bikes.

Spot the stunning Cherubim TT from Japan, the Rosene, Gary Fisher’s suit and barbeque bike on which he treated us to Fish Tacos at Melo J’s tonight, the very first Parlee, fabulously smooth pure Rye and on it goes…..

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Handmade Bike Show Day 1

Lots and lots of stuff… all a blur really here are the first snaps. Tomorrow it may come into focus!

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NAHBS 2011

Just landed in Austin which is a nice looking town with a flasher “tullamarine” . Apparently the town is not only the state capital, is “school town” and is renowned for its music festivals which is reflected in painted guitars in the luggage hall (remember the painted horses in Saratoga Springs?).

No painted Lance statues to be seen in my hurried exit.

Getting into clean clothes for pre-show function at Mellow Johnnies – pics to follow.

A MOOTS tale to inspire riders all.

The attraction of a Moots lifetime warranty never fades!

We received a call a few weeks ago from a gentleman who wanted a new bicycle and it had to be Ti. He had done his research and concluded that it had to be a Moots. Why..”well the classic style, the quality of the fabrication and the lifetime warranty.”

He flew to Melbourne, we went through the fit process and then we spent a good deal of time planning his bike in the most minute detail. A Vamoots it is and red is the theme!

In our initial call I asked why he was looking for a new bike. “well I have been riding the same european frame for 40 years and I am finding 54/42 with five cogs a bit tough on the hills..and I’m a bit unsteady with the downtube shifters”.

So I broached the obvious… 85 was the answer! ” I have also been wearing the same pair of SIDI shoes for 40 years….”.

It will be a very happy  New Year when he collects his new bike in the first week in January.

And for those among you with a predatory, penchant for the collectable – the immaculate workhorse and shoes are going no where!!


Pink Giraffe Z5

Following a complete review of her position and bike fit, we were faced with the challenge of meeting a customer’s vision in time to race at the Tour of Bright. Tanya had a very particular idea for pink giraffe fur on top tube and fork blade inners on what is an otherwise “Ghost” finished Z5.

The frame is complimented by a subtly revised Campag Super Record groupset and 3T LTD bar, stem and post and is presented in the images below.

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We made it and Tanya and her “giraffe” flew! In her first stage race, in B Grade, she was second on the first stage, third in the TT and 2nd to Hotham leading to 2nd in the KOM award and place second overall. A very exciting performance for them both!

Slowtwich – a misnomer(!?)

While I have posted bits and pieces about the Slowtwitch Course I participated in earlier this month, I thought I would elaborate a bit on my working group.

Hands on practice is absolutely essential in order to internalise the theory and when the class broke into work groups I feel I came up trumps as our group had a great mix of experience and knitted well.

Our four comprised:

Jeff Lohr a fit instructor with the Trek Factory “school”;

Robbie Ventura, former US Postal and Saturn Pro and Owner of Vision Quest a Cycling Training system based in Illinois;

Stu Waring, proprietor of John Howard Sports Mid Atlantic out of Annapolis and a very experienced rider and fitter and;

me – green as!

The two shots below show Stu working with Robbie as we exploded quite a few myths around TT/Tri position, with the second being Jeff being fitted for his first ever ride in a TT position – and he loved it!! Robbie goes hard..very hard, even at the 4100ft altitude.

Great guys and a very productive session.

Oh for a bigger baggage allowance!

Walking to breakfast before heading to various airports on the way home I saw this for sale. Remarkable condition for a 1923 model. The other extreme was the huge Chev “Monster truck” outside a mall in San Jose. Seriously you could walk under it and everyone wondered how you could even get it on the road.

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Santa Cruzing again

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Sensational weather and a long walk around the beach, boardwalk, pier and town was a pleasant way to fill in before and after meetings.

A barbeque with the Santa Cruz bikes crew, where it appeared everyone’s name started with “J”, was even more entertaining.

Santa Cruz by night

Santa Cruz is a sea “resort” town. Despite being near the end of the season the town is full. I have to say that for the first time in the US I have found it “uncomfortable” to walk part of the town.

As usual the iPhone worked overtime. For the first time in some time, the “third restaurant rule” failed me.( ie you skip the first two places and eat at the third you find that looks good). I returned to the first tonight and had a great lunch/dinner in one.

Music seems to be strong here with lots of busker types along Pacific Ave and a eclectic mix of sounds coming from the many clubs and bars on and off this “main drag”.

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Above Category

For some time I have watched the “tweets” of Above Category a cycling boutique located in Mill Valley, a suburb of San Francisco just north of the Golden Gate bridge. Today I made the 4.5hr return trip to meet with the owner Chad and found that there is much in common.

We share the brands Parlee and Moots and Chad also is a very strong seller of Pegoretti. They have just established a new, remote service facility which is first class in presentation. The outcome of the discussion will be something of a collaboration to the benefit of our respective businesses and partner brands.

If you are travelling to the San Fran region and would like to hire a bike or have yours looked after give us a call and we will arrange an introduction.

Santa Cruz CA

Well from the high desert behind LA to Santa Cruz on the beach. Quite a contrast and the view from the hotel window is sweet – not a Syndicate or MTB in sight – yet!


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