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Pre ‘Cross Melburn skills tip

Well its Westgate Park this sunday and without access to the video of Hayden Kerr’s bunny (no hop achieved) at the State Open, we thought this would provide a great guide to the height that can be achieved over the barriers but more importantly to the timing of the leap… here.

The Moots and Parlee CX are back from R&R in Wangaratta and will be there.

PARLEE and MOOTS ‘Cross bikes to race at WANG

This Saturday ‘Cross comes to the northern Victorian Town of Wangaratta and our PARLEE CX and MOOYS PsychloX below will be run by a couple of likely lads from Bright.

Doctor Chris will carry the Parlee mantle while Dave P is excited about the Moots since we assured him that it would retain his preferred pink bartape.

Giving the Moots a workout!

Canberra based Clayton Locke gave his MOOTS Zirkel a good hit out at Dargle Farm last month with a 3rd in Category in the 12 hour on saturday and backed it up with a 1st in Category in the 8 hour the next day….lookin’ sharp Clayton!

Need a little lie down just thinking about it – we will see you at The Scott with a selection of MOOTS bike including our Project MootoX RSL with “XTR Electric” shift.


Welcome Crankstar – our Brisbane retail “Partner”

” Having raced the Parlee Z4 here and in the US and it is the best bike I have ridden – hard to believe it is the entry offering. PARLEE was at the top of my list of one of frames I wanted to offer  when the Crankstar Concept progressed”. These are the words of Steve George, former Fly V Team member and proprietor of Crankstar – Brisbane’s newest (only?) boutique, premium cycling offer.

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The photos above show the new premises at 5 Abbott Street, Camp Hill where Steve now complements his workshop, coaching and fitting services with great coffee, PARLEE and the other Cycling Edge brands, built just as you want them.

Drop by and say hello and take “the ‘beer bike” for a spin and make up your own mind!

N1 and N2 @ Melburn ‘Cross 2

Snozz was onto them straight away – “A Grade for you two!”

The former N1 had made rash promises of recovering his status and took N2 on a 5.5hour MTB ride on saturday to soften him up!”

These guys work and train together and the strength of the bond can be seen in the photo above where I heard N1 assuring N2 that had there been a stand alone women’s race “Yes you would have won it mate!”

Once it got started, how much the plan had backfired on N2 became more apparent with every lap.

In the photos above, half way through the first lap of a 1 hour race, you can see N1 at the top charging with bike high while N2 below asked “how much has he got on me”

The shots below further highlight the adrenalin rush enjoyed by N1 with his new status as he leaps the pipe while N2 does a pipe dance!

When it came to the rollers, N1 went hard while N2 was heard to utter ” great downhill!”

N2 had worked up a team from work to come watch but N2 assures me they couldn’t stand to watch the slaughter and went to lunch instead.

Word has it than N2 has gone all out for the next round at Westgate and is busily knitting himself a skinsuit.

All of the above is factual, names have not been used to prevent embarrassment and no further correspondence will be entered into.

PS See you soon for the bike fits  – N1 is shouting!

MOOTS mounted “Munners” mauls Melburn CX

Well it was always going to be tough to draw a crowd on Fathers’ Day and Lysterfield being a “whole 45 mins minutes away” seems confronting to the Urbanites even though the Dandenongs seem to be a fav road bike jaunt!

The weather during setup looked ominous – dark clouds, patches of rain and strong wind – ideal for ‘Cross. The fields were smallish and in the Juniors very predictable.

Come the Elite/A Grade there were about 30 entrants with the prospect of a hot start from Dan “the one lap wonder” Moore and with Lewis Rattray out to restore the order following the last Dirty Deeds Round. With his first non bitumen race under his belt, Casey Munro asked for gears so we moved him from the Cielo Cross SS to the Moots PsychloX  and Simon Carey had recovered from his whooping cough and would race the Parlee CX after a warm up swim across the lake and back.

The race started predictably with a very fast pace given the hardpacked conditions. Munners, Lewis, Dan and Simon establishing a break and then after two laps the two front runners went for it, swapping places and gapping each other. Lewis had a fall recovered and got back to Casey before disaster struck.

I didn’t see it, but Lewis had “the big one” at warp speed on the straight while trying to grab a bottle. Exit one Lewis and one Giant. It was amazing to see how casual the approach was generally to what were potentially serious injuries before he was eventually whisked off to hospital. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Thereafter Casey had to drive himself to learn what it was like to go hard for the hour and he finished with an excellent win and a whole lot more knowledge going into this weekend’s State Champs. Pommy Dan proved he can count beyond 1 and continued on to well earned 2nd while Torq were represented on the final Podium spot and Simon recovered from a fall and a dropped chain to finish 5th.

Well done to Snozz and the gang and we look forward to the next round at Westgate where I think a lot of riders might find the ante has been upped considerably.

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Team Trailmix ‘Cross

The “guys” from Trailmix not only promoted a great, if under patronised, event today, they were prominent in the results of many races. Here are some examples:


Parlee Z5 SL Owner review 2.

Not wanting to steal the limelight Joel waited until the Tour was over before hitting the Alps. He wanted to enjoy a few of the iconic stages including have a tilt at Alpe Duez, on his lonesome. He purchased his Z5 SL a few weeks ago with this trip in mind and he is more than satisfied with his choice.

His initial reaction to the bike was “What can I say, this thing is unbelievable. More like a magic carpet than a bicycle. Effortless speed combined with sublime comfort.”

Upon his return he sent us these shots and note below.

“My wife, Natalie and I spent a couple of weeks in early August in the French Alps enjoying the scenery, summer weather, food and cycling (me on the bike and Natalie in the team support car).

We took in some of the more well known climbs often included in the TdF such as col du Telegraphe, col du Galibier and col du Colombiere. As well as some of the lesser known but equally as difficult ones like le Semnoz (a daunting 18km 7.5% brute shadowing Lake Annecy) and col du Forclaz. But one mountain above all others stood out as the target for an all out assault, the storied Alp D’Huez.

The town at the foot of the Alp, Bourg d’Oisans, is about 140kms from where we were staying. The 280 km round trip on the bike through the mountains was far beyond me so it was decided that we’d tackle the Alp fresh after driving to the base. I’ve often heard cyclists say that there are longer and steeper climbs and that Alp D’Huez, at 14kms and 7.8%, is by comparison “not that hard”.

After rounding the first 2 or 3 corners I soon realised that nothing could be further from the truth. The publicised 7.8% average gradient rides much steeper because the hairpin corners are flattish platforms and the straights are ramps up at around the 10% level. The day we chose to attack the climb was hot and still. The steepness of the straights, heat and lack of shade on the road put me into the pain locker almost immediately. The hairpins make it difficult to maintain a comfortable rhythm. Constantly making you push into the red to maintain your speed and momentum.

Whilst scenic in its own way, Alp D’Huez does not offer awe inspiring views. Distraction from the pain must be found within on this climb. Luckily for me we listened to French pop songs on the radio in the car on the drive over. Many of these replayed over and again in my mind keeping me entertained and partially distracted from the pain as I ticked off the 21 bends one by one.

The top section of the climb has 3 different “finish lines” (Vieil Alpe at 12.2 kms – complete with banner) Bourg d’Oisans time trial course at 13.9kms, and the TdF finish at the summit 14.4 kms). After a very difficult hour or so in the saddle I completed the time tral section of the climb in 58:53 and the TdF finish in 1 hour 15 seconds. I’ve already suggested to Natalie a return mission next year!”

No rim heat issues for Joel on the long descents as he took a set of our 1300gram custom wheels on his trip and, as he said to a prospective Parlee customer during the week, “they give very little away to my XXXX carbon clinchers”.

After Dirty Deeds you….?

You seen the bikes before and after, so now how do you get your bike and you back to shiny as new. The DD CX Flyer is a pointer to the ritualised clean up routine following Sunday’s mud fest.

We held out as long as we could but have been prevailed upon to offer a secret viewing here (sorry about the orientation – tips on correcting welcome!):

Face up to it – ‘Cross hurts

Last lap, half a lap to go and a rise to get over – the faces said it all!

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N1 and N2 @ DDCX

Prior to last Sunday I raised the question whether the two “B Grade” standouts (N1 and N2 to protect the innocent) at the Trail Mix Cross race would be moved up to “A” at Dirty Deeds.

Well, the former N2 (above) fronted and nominated himself in “A” while N1 found, in the face of the prospect of tougher competition, that he had to stay home and wash his hair or darn his socks! Therefore, the former N2 is now the “NEW N1″. Hail the new N1!

New N2 see you at Trailmix Specialised Cross at Lysterfield on Sunday September 4. It is Sunday so you can redeem yourself.

Cielo, Moots and Parlee CX Shots by Brian Mangano

Here are Brian’s great shots of Casey (Cielo Cross SS) who was second in “A Grade”, Cam (Moots PsychloX) who was third and Simon (Parlee CX) who had a strategic flat while trying to breath through a straw!

You can visit his facebook page here or see the vast array at Dirty Deeds CX

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Dirty Deeds CX reveals surge in “Pushy” parents

The great thing for me around these events has been the diversity of participants and the number of kids who just had to be involved.

On Sunday there was young racer on his kick bike who had his mum chasing him the whole way and he just did not want to stop! And you thought it was a long way on 700c wheels.

In one shot it actually looks like mum is trying to take over the bike… a senate committee has been formed to investigate so no result likely anytime soon.

My favorite shot below is of the dad who is either playing the pantomime monster or is sneaking up to steal the bike….

The dedicated dad award must surely go to this man below although there were reported sightings of a cattle prod from within the trailer.


‘Cross Dressing

Creativity takes many forms and these two have been consistant “achievers” in the inappropriate dress competition.. – can you be too good at dress ups?

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‘Cross when your front wheel is missing..

Well how do you get around the the race distance on a bike with just one wheel – you ride ride like breaking a horse and these guys have it nailed! Great to watch – will the State Open have a race for their talents?

Embargo broken on Speed Strip technology…on show at AUSBike

With the assistance of SunGraphics, not much research has been done in the development of this new aid to Triathletes and TT riders with a view to improved performance by enhancing prolonged riding comfort.

Featuring a hard to find, modified polymer and specially developed technology, the textured strip is applied to the top tube and aids in managing the barrier layer along the tube.

The Speed Strip, shown below, is on display at Ausbike this weekend and will soon be forwarded to for exhaustive evaluation.

Meanwhile, work continues to evaluate athlete declarations that the “patent pending” genital cooling effect of “The Speed Strip” can be enhanced by building up the top tube height with multiple applications.

Note: No athletes were harmed and no research or science was employed whatsoever in the development of this technology, only graphic skills.

And its not even April 1… but it is AUSBike.

PS It even covers paint chips on the Top Tube!

Dirty Deeds Vaulting Championship this Sunday

Cycling Edge wishes to encourage the development of sound ‘Cross technique (tongue firmly implanted in cheek).

We will therefore make a cash award of $50 in each race to the competitor who is judged by an “independent and revered” adjudicator to have displayed the best leap over a nominated barrier which will be announced prior to the races.

Elements of the scoring may include, but not be limited to, height, length, style and hang time with the judges decision being final.

There is catch and one condition. The catch is that only leaps in the second half of the race will count. Nasty! The condition is that you must be at the presentations to collect the cash. Make sure your number is visible!

We have included some shots of techniques that work and if you go to the Dirty Deeds CX blog you will find some in the gallery that don’t!

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The MOOTS “Stig”

We had a spare bike hanging in the tent at Dirty Deeds and the organisers were chasing a ‘Cross bike for the second placed finisher in the Open race, Cam McKenzie.

Paul accepted the challenge and Cam, who had neither ridden a Moots nor a ‘Cross bike, was going to front up for the A Grade race.  A quick seat height adjustment and Cam’s entire familiarisation consisted of riding around with the sole priority of  staying warm and loose……

Cam was flying for the first few laps, did a one time evaluation of the “benefits” of riding rather than running up the hill and was coming to grip with the shift from discs and a sharper turning response.

He assures me that the photo with the MotoX leg action was one where he stayed up. How can he be sure? “All of my stacks were on my left!”

About the third lap, he found out what his between event priority should have been! FOOD. He didn’t just go flat he BONKED big time.

Quality wins through and he still held onto the winners lap, coming home in 14th.

Hardly a true show of his or the bike’s potential and we feel that he should really have a proper run on the MOOTS PsychloX. Cam will front up to the Trailmix race at Listerfield this coming Sunday in the Elite race…hopefully a more enjoyable and rewarding effort this time.

We will let you know.

Erin Densham also wins at Canary Wharf!

VIS Triathlete Erin Densham made it a perfect pair by “bookending” the win of Kung Fu with a 12 sec winning margin in the women’s race. Must be something in that Spanish sunshine!

You can read a report here.

It is always great to work with such focussed ahtletes and to see their dedication and perseverance pay off

Kung Fu does the business in London on PARLEE

A big shout out to “Team” member Brendan Sexton for winning the exciting GE Sprint Tri at Canary Wharf and in the process he gave his custom Z5 quite an airing! Great job Fu!

Above Brendan is playing “the video game” in the fit studio, obviously trying to work off all of that early season flab so he can go down a size in his 2XU gear!

You can view the YouTube highlights of the London race here and keep your eyes out for Pete Kerr another CE fit customer.

Congrats to Dirty Deeds and all who sail in her!

It is quite staggering how much CX in Melbourne has progressed in one year  and its future is bright judging by today’s event and the number of entrants and spectators. Word is out and spreading.

For me the real stars for the day were the kids who raced and Brunswick Cycling Club for its commitment to bringing Dirty Deeds to fruition – chapeau!

Paul again entered on the MOOTS PsychloX and Simon had his inaugural ‘Cross race on the PARLEE CX (alright for some!). A lovely cream IF Steel Cross was also given its chance to shine. Racing in B Grade proved to be a sane decision given the faces on most of those in A.

Paul decided to do a “sponsor’s lap” and shot away to lead the first lap and then was content to do some “product evaluation” (ever increasing rapid, shallow breaths) for the balance of the race (he did have some strong words for me on the last lap as I took his photo and enquired as to how much he was enjoying himself!)

Simon did very well for the first few lap before his medically enforced absence from training became apparent. He did very well to hang on for second at the finish and was heard to be muttering along the lines of  “next time Gadget” as he headed off straight to a swim meet.

This lovely, understated IF Steel Planet Cross slipped in to Melbourne and had a fine run.

Parlee CX ready for Dirty Deeds

Tomorrow the Melbourne CX Series gets under way at Darebin Parklands and Simon Carey will find out what it is all about on the NAHBS Parlee ‘Cross frame.

Rival Moots rider Paul (can he be trusted?) has assembled it in an interim build featuring Paul Component brakes and associated pieces, Record 10 speed with FSA Cross rings, Neutron Ultra wheels with Conti tyres, Deda tape and XT pedals.

In a late surprise today we were given the opportunity to try a Hawk BB assembly (it’s green who could refuse?). First impression was good as it spins just like a Campag Super Record Ceramic BB post assembly. Dirty Deeds will test it for sure.

Our Round 2 plan is to upgrade both bikes to some modified PAUL “Royal Flush” suit of Cards single ring cranks and some carbon tubular rims featuring the amazing Dugast Cross tyres we have used previously.

After tearing up his mother’s garden and the horses’ paddocks by way of a test ride, we received an SMS  from Simon with “WOW! this is amazing”.  Tomorrow will tell. We are sure the temporary Frameskin will be tested.

Jarrod Owen does well at Challenge Cairns

19th Overall and 3nd in Age Group is a great result for someone stepping up to the Ironman distance for the first time, but What could it have been!

Few win on the bike and you can certainly lose it there. Be fast, be efficient and be able to run fast off the bike.

We have worked with Jarrod to refine his position and action on his PARLEE TT to facilitate just that and he has discipline in maintaining it for the whole distance.

You can’t however beat a shredded tubular which started around the 90km mark and a resultant 20+ minute loss! The consequence at the end of the bike leg was that Jarrod  was 126th Outright and 18th in his age group, 25-29.

Not one to give up, he certainly did deliver on the run with a time of 3.07.32 that was the 6th fastest overall and fastest in his Age Group at every split.

Jarrod’s summary was “Position feels great, really good to run off too!” – no kidding.

Well done Jarrod – hello Korea!

Bike riders you have been warned!

Follow this link and pay attention…it will happen, sometime, somewhere in Melbourne….soon! :-)



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